Whole Plate camera on The Online Photographer

Just came across this post on The Online Photographer (a great blog if you’re not familiar with it):

Although I do not consider my Whole Plate cameras to be “Single Use Devices”, I am truly in love with the format and am very happy to shoot with it, and even moreso to find another member of the (very small) whole plate clan.

2 thoughts on “Whole Plate camera on The Online Photographer”

  1. Hi, I’m a large format dry plate camera collector and user. Just wanted to touch base with you. I’m in Pittsburgh. My goal is to make my own plates for 15 inch plates, 8×15 and 12×15.

    1. Hi Michael-

      Thanks for the note, glad you like the site. Whole plate is a great format, isn’t it? If you’re doing dry plate, I assume you spend time at Denise Ross’ site The Light Farm. I recently showed some of her dry plate and artisanal silver gelatin printing in an exhibit I curated. I just moved in to a new studio space and I MAY have gallery space available with it, so keep an eye out for calls for entry here if you’re interested in showing your work.

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