Something having next to nothing to do with photography…

… other than that I like to take pictures of it with my iPhone.

There’s this awesome and growing DC food truck scene. I had seen and heard a little about it, then when my office location made it possible to find them, I decided I’d give it a try. One bite and I was hooked! I track most of them on Twitter to know when and where they’ll be on any given day. There’s everything from barbecue to savory pies, Latin American to Laotian, pizza to pastries (mostly cupcakes). This has been the first useful thing I’ve found to do with Twitter – now I can plan my lunch outings and find way better food than the skanky Chinese buffet and the food-by-the-pound place within walking distance of the office. I’ve got some definite favorites –

  • Sabor’a Street – Latin American arepas with a gourmet twist. My favorite so far, the shredded barbecue pork arepa on corn cakes.
  • La Gloria Mexicana – cheap, good Mexican food
  • PORC – Purveyors Of Rolling Cuisine – a barbecue sandwich place, with homemade chocolate truffles for dessert.
  • Eat Wonky – hotdogs, sandwiches and mind-blowing homemade whoopie pies.
  • CapMacDC – to die for gourmet macaroni and cheese. I had a goat cheese macaroni with broccoli pesto and breadcrumbs I would expect to pay $15 for in a sit-down restaurant. Theirs? $7.
  • SweetBites – a rolling dessert truck with cupcakes to rival those storefront cupcakes for 25% less.

Did I mention that one of the bennies of the food truck scene is the terrific prices? Most mains are $6-7, and it takes work to spend more than $9 for lunch. There’s some interesting things going on – a significant number of Mexican/Latin food trucks, some rather exotic trucks (the Lobster Truck – home of the $13 lobster sandwich and the 1 1/2 hour line), and some experiments in fusion cuisine that don’t always fire on all cylinders. No matter, it beats the stuffing out of McDonalds!

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