4 thoughts on “Another sideshow family”

  1. LOL, I know the feeling of being too tired for the regular blog post. Don’t worry, the image alone is enjoyable enough. And information on Bowen is easy enough to find that we aren’t left hanging. I did a quick search for you. He was born in 1844 and married at 26 to a woman who was 15. Those dates/ages might be of use in getting an approximate date range for this photo. He was American, one of ten children, and had four sons of his own (the one pictured here is presumably his first). He performed into his 80s, dying in 1924. And what his outfit hides here is that he compensated for his lack of legs with highly developed arms. He wasn’t just a side-show freak who sat there looking unusual, he was also a popular acrobat. These “freak” photos are so fascinating! 🙂

      1. My pleasure. I actually enjoy looking things up like that. And this one was easy. Googling his name turns up info and other pictures. Some of your photo subjects have been real stumpers! 🙂

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