Busy Day

Well, today was a very busy and successful day. I had an early morning, taking my SharePoint certification exam. This was my second time. Last time, I failed with a score of 570-ish (you need a 700 out of 1000 to pass). Today, I got a 957, which means that I missed only one question. I’m very psyched at the turnaround, and I owe a debt of thanks to an iPad app, VCE mobile.

Then I went over to the site of this year’s Artomatic. This will be the biggest Artomatic ever – 390,000 square feet; enough room for 1700+ artists. I found a great wall space to hang my work on the 11th floor, near the elevator, with a view of the Potomac River and National Airport. We’ve got until May 13th now to get our work up on the wall, which is pretty tight time, but I’ll manage somehow.

2 thoughts on “Busy Day”

    1. I’ll be using them in my day-to-day work. This was a bit of bureaucratic hoop to jump through, as much to silence some critics as to enable a future possibility of maybe doing something more in the future where I am now or moving on to something else if I don’t get to use my skill-set where I am now (plus it could add another $10K USD to my paycheck).

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