Promo Postcards for my exhibit at Artomatic

Postcard for Artomatic 2012
Postcard for Artomatic 2012

My promo postcards arrived via UPS today. They’re awesome! The printing is outstanding, as is to be expected from ModernPostcard ( I got them 6.5 x 8.5, as there was no price difference between that size and 5×7. 500 should be enough to last me through Artomatic and still have leftovers to send out.

Feedback on the card design, both front and back, is welcome. I trimmed the white space on the back when making the JPG to save on file size.

Modern Postcard is a great company to deal with – they provide you with design templates for both front and rear in a variety of application packages (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark to name a few), and provide very simple instructions on how to prepare the files and how to transmit them to get the best results. You can even download monitor ICC profiles for proofing to be sure what you envision matches what they print. Are they the cheapest? No, but they are top quality, and you don’t have to agree to get daily spam emails from them in order to have postcards printed at a discount unlike some other printing firms (cough,cough, vistaprint, cough, cough).

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