Shoot at the Renwick Gallery – Part 2

Here is a series of illustrations of the operation of the room. This shows the room getting brighter as Nick sits on the cushion (see, you do get to see his face after all!). Nick’s installation consists of a long, narrow room with the walls covered in elongated hexagonal tiles (each of which Nick made, and hand signed on the back!) . The floor and ceiling are covered in mirror tiles. The opposite end of the room from which you enter is rounded, and at the focus of the hemicircle, a mirror-based seat with a white cushion is located. In the ceiling is a series of LED lights. Sitting on the cushion triggers the lights and music, which build in intensity for approximately one minute before fading out.

Here is a link to the Renwick Gallery’s exhibit announcement:

Renwick Gallery 40 under 40

and here is a link to Nick Dong’s website:

Nick Dong

Here are three more images of Nick, up close.

2 thoughts on “Shoot at the Renwick Gallery – Part 2”

  1. I experienced this wonderful work of art recently at the Renwick Gallery and am very curious to know how the music was created. is it available on CD?Thank you.
    U Murphy

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