Another Circus Freak – Landon Middlecoff, The Kentucky Giant

Another CDV of a circus freak, this is Landon Middlecoff, “The Kentucky Giant”, as photographed by Charles Eisenmann, “the Popular Photographer” and documentarian of the theater trade.

Landon Middlecoff, the 'Kentucky Giant', by Eisenmann
Landon Middlecoff, the ‘Kentucky Giant’, by Eisenmann

3 thoughts on “Another Circus Freak – Landon Middlecoff, The Kentucky Giant”

  1. Ok- in online biographies, I found the following:

    He was born in 1857 and died in 1885 of tuberculosis. He was in all probability 7′ tall, but claimed to be 7′ 6″. Weight was listed as 205 lbs (which by my estimation would put him near-anorexic at that height) but supposedly could lift 250 lbs with a single finger, and do a dead lift of 1150 lbs. These Victorian sideshow freaks often exaggerated their statistics (taller, fatter, smaller, stronger, etc) for marketing purposes, and this appears to be no exception. Also, he was with Cole’s Circus, not P.T. Barnum.

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