More Environmental Portraiture

Two more photos of my friend, Charles, in his friend Henry’s garden.

Charles, in the Garden
Charles, in the Garden
Charles, at the Garden Gate
Charles, at the Garden Gate

Sometimes a portrait doesn’t even have to include the person it’s about. In this case, the design of the garden, including the whimsies and follies, speak volumes about the garden’s designer.

Iron Gate, Henry's Garden
Iron Gate, Henry’s Garden
Rusted Toy, Henry's Garden
Rusted Toy, Henry’s Garden

All taken with my Rolleiflex 2.8E, on Fuji Reala film. The film is easily 11 years out of date, but still produces excellent results. I wish I had a couple of bricks more of it in cold storage, but Fuji discontinued the emulsion in all but 35mm size a couple years ago.

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