More Chinatown at Night, Rolleiflex plus Fuji 800Z

More of my DC nightscapes- I was testing out the Fuji NPZ 800 that I had in my film inventory. A surprisingly good result from a film I’ve had sitting around again for the better part of a decade.

National Portrait Gallery, Twilight
National Portrait Gallery, Twilight
RedLine Pub, Chinatown
RedLine Pub, Chinatown
Legal Seafood, Chinatown
Legal Seafood, Chinatown

You can definitely see the grain in these images, but it’s nowhere near as pronounced as the grain in 400 speed 35mm film. It also handles mixed lighting pretty well, but it’s not Kodak Portra.

Oh, by the way, these were all hand-held. THAT’s why you shoot 800 speed film!

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