More additions to the photographers’ maps

I added several addresses in the last few days, to all three maps. To New York, I added:

P.H. Rupp, 13 Avenue A

D. Appleton & Co, Cartes De Visite, A.A. Turner, Photographer, 443 & 445 Broadway

C. Henkel, 1288 Broadway

To Philadelphia, I’ve added:

Schreiber & Son, Photographers, 818 Arch Street

Photographed by Roberts, 808 Arch Street

Fitzgerald & Co, Photographers, 828 Arch Street

To Washington DC I’ve added:

R. W. Addis, Photographer, McClee’s Gallery 308 Pennsylvania Avenue

Tasset, Artist Photographer, 925 Pennsylvania Avenue

As per my usual practice, I’m including any advertising copy found on the photographers’ verso imprints along with the address.

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