Hobbypational? Vacational? Certainly not Occupational…

Fisherman by Maffett, Boston Spa, Tadcaster UK
Fisherman by Maffett, Boston Spa, Tadcaster UK

Here’s another fun one – really quite bizarre, actually when you think about it. The sitter is posing with a corsage in one hand, a fishing rod in the other, wearing formal attire, standing next to a table with silver candlesticks, that looks like it might be an altar. In a photographers’ studio. Was he on vacation? A hobbyist fisherman? It’s certainly not an occupational because this is definitely a gentleman of leisure, not a working fisherman. And what’s with the corsage?

In keeping with my recent backmark/blind stamp post, I like this one a lot, as it tries to connect portrait photography with painting, or at least bridge the gap. There are quite a few in a similar vein, a definite response to the notion that photography was merely a mechanical, technical operation and not a true fine art.

One thought on “Hobbypational? Vacational? Certainly not Occupational…”

  1. Fishing for compliments! Love to see the unusual ones like this and try to solve the mystery (or just make something up). Thanks for posting this – and all of your wonderful collection!

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