“Signatures” Exhibit at Glen Echo Photoworks – Review in Washington City Paper

I got a favorable review in the DC City Paper for my image in the “Signatures” exhibit at Photoworks. The exhibit is (well, was, it’s now over and I’ll be picking up my print after work today) a brief show of images by students and instructors at Photoworks, with the theme of “signatures” indicating characteristic images that can be viewed as representing you and the work you do – pieces you would be recognized for. I submitted my Ficus Tree, Recoleta, Buenos Aires as my contribution to the exhibit, and it was one of three pieces singled out by the reviewer as praiseworthy. The reviewer did get the process all wrong, calling it a faux-toning process (he obviously didn’t ASK, or try to contact me about it before publishing the review), but I’ll take any positive press!

City Paper Review

Ficus, Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Ficus, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

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