Another Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren

I bet you didn’t realize what paparazzi-junkies the Thumbs were. Charles Stratton and Lavinia Warren were frequently photographed, throughout their life. I don’t know if they profited from the sale of their photographs or not – I would hope they did, but given the general state of intellectual property ethics in the later half of the 19th century, I highly doubt it. Often the photographers themselves didn’t, as others would buy one copy of their image, re-photograph it and sell it themselves at a cheaper price!

Anonymous CDV, The Thumbs, at middle age
Anonymous CDV, The Thumbs, at middle age

Here they are, at middle age, in an anonymous CDV. I think this may be a copy of someone else’s photo, although if it is it’s a very good one, because it has no photographer’s stamp on the verso (and because it is such a good image, it strikes me as odd that there is no stamp taking credit).

In doing some more digging around, I found another copy of the same image. This one had a stamp on the bac from the photographer – a K(?).C. ????, Photographs and Ferrotypes, ??? Main Street, Bridgeport, CT. The Thumbs resided in Connecticut in their later years, so this is entirely reasonable.

Verso, Tom Thumb & Lavinia Warren, Bridgeport, CT
Verso, Tom Thumb & Lavinia Warren, Bridgeport, CT

Also, the blotchy mottling at the margins of the image is present in both copies, so I assume it is actually in the original negative, which is a relief.

One thought on “Another Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren”

  1. PT Barnum lived in Bridgeport, and I believe both Thumb and Barnum are buried in the same Bridgeport cemetery.

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