Lavinia Warren Stratton Magri, and the Magri brothers

Lavinia Warren Stratton Magri and the Magri Brothers, by Ollivier
Lavinia Warren Stratton Magri and the Magri Brothers, by Ollivier

Another cabinet card of Lavinia Warren Stratton Magri and the Magri brothers, Baron Littlefinger and Count Rosebud. I don’t know why I find them so fascinating, but they are. Just the notion of the cult of celebrity going back that far when we think of it as being a modern (at least a 20th century) thing.

One thought on “Lavinia Warren Stratton Magri, and the Magri brothers”

  1. I have a really old album that belonged to my mother’s paternal family. It is a Harding’s Patent Photograph Album March 8th 1853. It has pictures on tin and paper. Some of the pictures have the name of the photography on the back. 

    There are no names of the individuals on the pictures with the exception of two. One picture of a family has the names at the bottom and reads as follows: Baron Littlefinger, his family and Count Rosebud his brother. I realize this is the Margi brothers and their family. It must have been a souvenir from one of their shows. 

    Another has a picture of a woman and on the front of the photo it has Jones Ft. Wayne Indiana and M B Woodworth Evangelist on the back. It appears to be Maria Beulah Woodworth Etter.

    My mom photocopied the album many years ago before we were instructed that photo copying and handling the album could damage it. Some of the pictures on tin have darkened. 

    Some of the photographers are:

    -Clines Photography Room No. 13 South 11th Street Lincoln Nebraska 

    -WA Morrow Photographer Main Street Hillsboro O

    -The Old Reliable Art Room No. 219 Main Street Evansville Indiana

    -Ollivier Co. Photographer Broadway, Opposite Stewart’s New York (the one with the family). 

    I wonder if there is record of the photos.

    There is a tin photo of a soldier. I would love to know who he is. 

    I have no idea how to even begin to research any of this. 

    I also have a Collection of Hymns for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Churc.collections of the Rev. John Wesley M A late Fellow of Lincoln College Oxford. It is approximately 3 inches by 5 inches big and was published by Holliday and JF Wright for the Methodist Episcopal Churcj JW Keely Printer 1843. I would like to know more about the hymnal and why it is so small.

    Any guidance or information will be greatly appreciated. 

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