Car Wreck ca. 1905

Here’s a photo I bought of an early car accident, circa 1905. I’ve done some modest restoration work on the image – there was some severe damage to the water under the bridge. It was a quick and dirty repair job, so it should be easy to spot, but I wanted to clean it up to make the image more readable and remove the distraction.

Riverside Car Wreck ca. 1905
Riverside Car Wreck ca. 1905

One thought on “Car Wreck ca. 1905”

  1. Hi Scott,

    My name is Kaitlan and I work with a filmmaker based in Southern California. We are currently working on a short horror film for YouTube that features a old (pre-1915) car wreck as part of it’s storyline (never shown, but implied). I came across the photo from your blog during a search for reference images and we wanted to know if we could use the photo as the beginning image in our film to help set the audience up a little. I know that this is an odd ask, but this photo works perfectly for what we need. Is this something you’d be open to? Getting a high resolution version of the photo itself, would be the ticket. Let me know what you think. You can reach me at this email:

    Thanks for your time and consideration.


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