Food Truck Portraits

I’m starting a new series of portraits of the food truck vendors I frequent here in DC, in or around their trucks. Here are the first two. It’s an important project because the food trucks themselves are endangered by some incredibly ill-considered proposed regulations that would basically make it impossible for them to do business. After looking at the pictures, please go to the Save DC Food Trucks website and sign the petition!

Peruvian Brothers
Peruvian Brothers
Captain Cookie
Captain Cookie

These were taken with my Rolleiflex. This time I’m using Kodak Tri-X, a film I had resisted for years as being too grainy. Well, as you can see in these photos, it’s not. In 35mm, it’s a different story, but then almost everything in 35mm is grainy short of say Ilford PanF or the former Kodak TechPan.

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