Anonymous Woman by Bogardus

Anonymous Woman by Bogardus
Anonymous Woman by Bogardus

This is an anonymous portrait by Bogardus, one of the “big names” in mid-19th century American portrait photography. The carte itself and the print are in excellent condition, and I love the photographer’s blind stamp on the back. I’m including two more below by Bogardus to show the different blind stamps he used. I’m sure it evolved further over time, but these are the ones I have in my collection.

Plump lady cabinet card, Bogardus Studio
Plump lady cabinet card, Bogardus Studio
Nellie Keeler, on Bogardus' Sideboard
Nellie Keeler, on Bogardus’ Sideboard

On a parallel but unrelated note, I think the cabinet in the Nellie Keeler and plump lady photos is to Bogardus what the “Reaper” clock is to Brady (as referenced in my previous blog post). The article I linked mentioned that the author found two copies of the Reaper clock like the one Brady had in his studio – it would be very cool to find Bogardus’ sideboard and bring it into a studio.

3 thoughts on “Anonymous Woman by Bogardus”

  1. I am really enjoying the stories accompanying the additional information that you are posting along with the old photos. The recurring props are fascinating, though it makes sense that a photographer’s studio would contain a limited number of items and that a photographer would have his favorite ones.

  2. The side board is super, super. I don’t believe the girl weighed 12 lbs. But he was a sort of circus photographer. In a sense, so is Diane Arbus. (IS, not “was”)

    1. The stats for circus freaks are almost always exaggerated in the 19th century. The fat man weighs 100+ pounds more than he actually does, the giant adds six inches to a foot to his height, etc.

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