Two-page spread, Metalsmith Magazine

I got a two page spread in Metalsmith magazine in a feature article about my friend Nick Dong, whose installation piece was part of the “40 under 40” show at the Renwick Gallery here in Washington last year.

Metalsmith, June 2013, p.46
Metalsmith, June 2013, p.46
Metalsmith, June 2013, p.47
Metalsmith, June 2013, p.47

If you want to get a copy for yourself, you can check it out on their website and order hard copies or PDF copies.
Metalsmith Magazine

I’m also including a video I shot of Nick’s installation. My apologies for the video quality, but it was my first time shooting with that camera and I didn’t know about adjusting the video noise, so the low-light segments are rather grainy looking.

You can see more about Nick and his work on his website – Studio Dong. Nick is originally from Taiwan, and now lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area.

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