Street Scenes – 14th Street after work

A couple quick snapshots from a street ramble after work.

Bicycle, Pedestrian, Gallery Window, Self-Portrait
Bicycle, Pedestrian, Gallery Window, Self-Portrait

I happened upon this scene on my walk home from work the other day. I’ve developed a thing for photographing bikes and other means of transport, thanks to seeing the bikeshare stations all over and watching people riding them. I like the multiple layers happening in the scene with the contents of the gallery merging with the scene behind. The bike is still the main emphasis, but you have the cars, the pedestrian, the interior volume of the gallery with art on the walls, and then the fractional self-portrait of me on the right side (mostly just camera bag in the reflection, but I’m still in the picture).

Hipster on his cellphone
Hipster on his cellphone
Man with boxes
Man with boxes

These two were just practice shots, really, trying to get better at people photography on the street. They’re part of the mood of 14th Street, though- emblematic of the energy of the place.

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