Submitted work to Onward Compé 2014

Onward Compé 2014 – my work

I submitted three photos to the Onward competition for emerging photographers. Emerging is defined in this case as not having a current ongoing relationship with an art gallery. I’ve had shows, both solo and group, but I’m not represented by any art gallery on an ongoing basis. Perhaps by the time I retire it will happen. In any case, Onward will be good exposure for my work (this time I’m submitting some of my older pieces, male figure studies shot with Polaroid Type 55 back when it was still available).

There are two rounds of judging – the first round, by JPEG only, will be complete and the results announced by December 16. A second round will be judged from actual submitted prints come January, with final results by February 1. The exhibition will take place in March at Project Basho in Philadelphia.

here’s a teaser of one of the images I submitted.

Jose, Torso, Kneeling
Jose, Torso, Kneeling

3 thoughts on “Submitted work to Onward Compé 2014”

    1. You honor and flatter me by comparing my photos to Rodin sculpture. Another one of my heroes/inspirations. I was just commenting somewhere else about the Michelangelo sculptures at the Louvre and noted that it took from Michelangelo to Rodin to really break out of the mold of figurative/representative sculpture being required to look “finished” – pretty much everyone in between the two was just copying Greek and Roman marbles.

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