Platinum/Palladium Prints from the vaults

I dug up a few older platinum/palladium prints I did a couple years ago and realized they were worth sharing, so I thought I’d post them here today.

They were studies for a series I was working on – they didn’t make the editorial cut for the series, but as standalones they’re good.


Portrait with Lotus Seed Pod
Portrait with Lotus Seed Pod

These were shot in my home studio (aka the dining room) with a single light and a black velvet backdrop. The camera was my ancient studio portrait camera with a 5×7 back installed and a Seneca portrait lens (aka Wollensak Vesta, rebranded). I mention all this to show that you can produce great work with the simplest of set-ups and equipment, and you don’t have to have the latest and greatest or fancy facilities.

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