Random New York Shots

I was up to New York twice in the span of two weeks and brought along the Rolleiflex both times. I only got to put a roll through each time (I was rather time delimited in both trips, and was not there to photograph but to attend specific functions). Here are some of the shots I took:

Cole Haan Jaguar
Cole Haan Jaguar

This was a store window in Rockefeller Plaza, facing 5th Avenue. The Cole-Haan store had done up a display made of their driving loafers in the shape of a classic Jaguar E-Type (one of my favorite vintage sports cars).

Financial Times Building
Financial Times Building

The Financial Times building – love the clouds behind it, backlit in the morning sun.

Henry Moore Duo 7th Ave
Jim Dine Duo 6th Ave

A pair of female torsos by Jim Dine at 6th Avenue and 52nd Street. Please ignore the file name – I got it completely wrong when saving the file before looking it up.

Iron Facade, Broadway
Iron Facade, Broadway

The cast-iron facade of a late 19th Century building on lower Broadway, as seen from the fourth floor window at ABC Carpet & Home. If you’re not familiar with ABC Carpet & Home, it’s a gigantic interior decor store, with four floors of everything from linens and fashion and furniture, from antiques to ultra-modern to Asian-inspired. Not for the faint of wallet – even little decorative tchotchkes are $30. But it’s a cool place to browse for inspiration.

Lighting ABC Carpet & Home
Lighting ABC Carpet & Home

In the lighting department at ABC Carpet & Home.

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