Niagara Falls

On the way up to Toronto, we stopped off at Niagara Falls to take in the view.

Niagara Falls, from the American Side
Niagara Falls, from the American Side

This is the Rainbow Bridge over the Niagara River, as seen from the observation deck on the American side.

Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls
Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls

The “we” is my best friend Steve, his wife Missy, and her sister Marybeth.

Missy, Steve and Marybeth
Missy, Steve and Marybeth

Missy had never been to Niagara before so it was a must-stop. I think Steve and Missy are going to come back for a long weekend when they’re by themselves and not rushed to just enjoy the place.

The shots are a little gray looking because we were severely backlit – we were at the falls around 2:30 PM and the sun was still very high in the sky, and the falls were west/southwest of where we were standing. Can’t change geography, so we just had to compensate for what we had to work with. Next time if we want photos with the falls as a backdrop, either I’ll bring a flash for fill or we’ll just take them in the morning when the sun is coming from the east.


All images once again care of my trusty Rolleiflex 2.8E on Ilford FP4+.

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