Toronto Public Art – Full Circle, by Peter Von Tiesenhausen

This statue has an interesting story – it has literally, as part of its creation process, completed a circuit of the periphery of Canada, thus the title. The original was a wood carving of five male figures, which was then charred in a fire, and then cast in iron. The iron casting was then loaded in the back of the artist’s own pickup truck and driven across the open plains of Canada. It took a trip across the Arctic Circle on a ship, and made landfall again before being brought to Toronto, where it now stands. In all, it was a five year, 35,000 kilometer journey. The pedestal is designed to be a bench to invite people to stop and sit.

Full Circle, by Peter Von Tiesenhausen
Full Circle, by Peter Von Tiesenhausen

The statue inspired someone to leave this little wire figure token between the feet of one of the figures. When I saw the statue originally, I thought it was some kind of war memorial, which may have also been what went through the mind of the person who left the figurine.

Statue with Token
Statue with Token

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