Changing Light- Glass Cubes

this is a brand new office/retail/residential complex here in DC. I pass it all the time on my way to and from work, social outings and various and sundry obligations. I’ve seen it in all kinds of light, at different times of day. I particularly like watching it come to life as the sun goes down.

Glass Cubes, Evening Light
Glass Cubes, Evening Light

The color changes as the sun goes down and the lights go on. At any time, the abstract geometry of the place makes it highly clinical, but the mood shifts. It actually looks more alive at night.

Glass Cubes, Night, Face
Glass Cubes, Night, Face

A different take on abstracting the geometry of the space. The glowing red exit sign adds a tiny touch of humanity in what could otherwise look like a set from Tron, the movie about a virtual world inside a computer. 

Glass Cubes, Exit Sign
Glass Cubes, Exit Sign

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