Street photos

Three random people shots from out and about.

While this shot is at least as much about the SunTrust Bank building in the background, I love how the cyclist passing through the shot turned out – he’s obviously in motion, with a lock of hair blown up and back as he moves. The blurred face makes it somewhat anonymous, an everyman on his way somewhere quickly, turning his head just long enough to look back at the camera looking at him. Actually kind of a rarity these days.

Cyclist, SunTrust Building
Cyclist, SunTrust Building

I liked the graphic design of his t-shirt so I set up my camera before he started crossing the street and waited until he was in “the zone” to snap the picture. He’s not tack-sharp because we were both moving at the time, but I think the slight softness of him and the people around him give a sense of movement as well as depth.

Nine Cups T-shirt
Nine Cups T-shirt

When I saw this character I had to photograph him – giant headphones combined with the fat stogie? How could you NOT?

Cigar Man, Georgetown
Cigar Man, Georgetown

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