Frisbee Family

Mrs. John Frisbee, Sam and Frank, Stuyvesant/Kinderhook, NY

Obtained from the Frisbee estate, this early daguerreotype (circa 1840s) is an approximate 1/4 plate (the dimensions don’t strictly correspond to 1/4 plate, but it is noticeably larger than a standard 1/6th plate image) in a leather case. The seals are entirely missing and thus the plate is loose in the case, and it demonstrates numerous mat abrasions around the edges.

Frisbee Family
Frisbee Family

Condition issues aside, it’s still a striking family photo from the 1840s, and quarter-plate size images are getting rarer. I’m pleased to add this to my collection.

One thought on “Mrs. John Frisbee, Sam and Frank, Stuyvesant/Kinderhook, NY”

  1. I am a local historian at Kinderhook and have a great deal of information about Harriet [Pittman] Frisbee (1814-1853). Sam (1840-after 1894) became distinguished Jesuit priest and scholar; and Frank was a successful merchant eventually retiring to San Francisco where he was living in 1896. This daguerreotype and other family photos descended in the household of their youngest brother Charles who lived in Stuyvesant Falls.

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