Torso Fragment

Sculptural Fragments, Capitoline Museum Courtyard

These sculptural fragments are part of the Capitoline Museum’s collection. The Capitoline Museum in Rome is famous, rightfully so, for its ancient Roman sculpture. Even in the entrance courtyard there are magnificent fragments of colossal statues. A row of funerary monuments lines the opposite side of the courtyard. The torso fragment sits on a pedestal under the eaves of the building. The collection is so large they had to take over a former power generating station along the Tiber to serve as an annex (the one I miscalculated the operating hours and didn’t get to go inside).

Emperor's Head
Emperor’s Head
Torso Fragment
Torso Fragment
Colossal Hand
Colossal Hand

To give you an idea of the scale of these pieces, particularly the head and hand, the head is larger than the torso (which is not from the same sculpture). The head is probably 6 feet high. The hand is probably four feet from wrist to fingertip.

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