Boathouse Dock, Georgetown

The Boathouse Dock, Georgetown

I was up on the old abutment for the C&O Canal viaduct that connected the canal from Georgetown to Alexandria over the Potomac River and looked down to the boat dock for the Georgetown Boat House and caught this composition. I had been photographing Key Bridge with my 5×12 (previously described here) when I looked down and saw this scene which cried out to be shot in the format.

Boathouse Dock, Georgetown
Boathouse Dock, Georgetown

The simple geometry and the contrast between the rigid lines of the dock broken up by the deck chair contrasted with the smooth water of the river really makes the image. Without the deck chair, it would actually be pretty boring. But adding that one small compositional element makes it go from so what to interesting.

2 thoughts on “The Boathouse Dock, Georgetown”

  1. Hi Scott, I saw an old post online where you mention having a Wollensak Series IV f6.3 12 inch in a Betax No. 4 shutter. I have the same lens and shutter and want to use a yellow filter. Do you know the thread size for the front of the front lens? Thanks, Stewart, Lopez Is., WA

    1. Hi Stewart – I don’t know the filter size off the top of my head – I could look for the lens and measure it. It may not take modern threaded filters in standard millimeter measurements, but it may need Series filters. I gave up on threaded filters for most of my large format lenses because there are too many of them, in too many different sizes, and instead use Lee gelatin filters that attach to the front with their super-high tech universal friction mount (aka a big rubber band). It’s a LOT cheaper than glass filters per filter, and then you have one set that fits all lenses up to 88mm or perhaps a titch more in diameter.

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