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Anonymous Carte-Sized Portrait Cabinet Card

Sometimes the reason you buy something is purely aesthetic – there doesn’t need to be an historical association, famous subject or famous photographer to make an image worth buying. This is an example of just that – a very handsome subject, simply captured, plainly presented. Is he part Native American? Hard to say, but he has a certain look about his nose and jawline.

Handsome Youth, Belfast, Maine
Handsome Youth, Belfast, Maine

This is an example, as I mentioned, of a carte-sized Cabinet Card. It is the same dimensions (2 1/2 x 4 1/2) as a carte de visite, but is printed on the heavier card stock with the beveled, gilt edges and the larger front imprint of the photographer’s logo typical of the Cabinet Card. Because of the style, I would definitely call this a Cabinet Card, and not a CDV, because the time period of its creation is definitely later, as are the material conditions of its composition.

Busy Week in Collecting, Part 1- Penobscot Indian Boy

This was a wonderful find – a photo of a Penobscot Indian boy, in Anglo attire and haircut. A 1/9th plate ambrotype in a half case. Most fortunately, when the packet is removed from the half case, there is some attribution to the image. The subject himself remains unidentified, but the photographer put his name, location, and the date taken on the back. It appears to be George Ulmer(Bilmer?Kilmer?), in Thorndike, Maine 1857 At T & Harrison Corner. T could be short for Thorndike Road. If anyone has any information about an Indian School in Thorndike, Maine in the 1850s, or even better can point to attendance records, I would be eternally grateful.