Katherine Thayer passes away.

Katherine Thayer passed away this week. She was a major figure in the alternative process photographic community, and a great source of wisdom and knowledge when it comes to gum bichromate printing. Her loss will be felt around the world. I never met the great lady myself, but we did have several exchanges online and via email about alternative process printing, and I know that I miss the opportunity to have met her. Fortunately, her website is still up, and so even though she is gone, her knowledge does not vanish with her. It can be found at http://pacifier.com/~kthayer/.

3 thoughts on “Katherine Thayer passes away.”

  1. Thank you for this note about my mother, Katharine. My brother and I do plan to keep our Mom’s website up, although we might move its host location. So many wonderful comments have been posted, and we would like to use some of them in the memorial. May we use your comment?

    1. Certainly. I would be very glad to have you use my comment. Please keep me up to date if you change her site hosting service so I can update my links. Again, my condolences to you and your family, and thank you for wanting to preserve her legacy of shared knowledge.

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