Manuel Murillo Toro, President of Colombia- Mathew Brady Studio, New York

Another recent acquisition. Manuel Murillo Toro, the President of Colombia from 1864-1866 and again from 1872-1874. Taken in the Mathew Brady New York studio. Probably the best-preserved Brady image I have. This image is most probably from the 1872-4 term, as he is labeled President of the United States of Colombia on the back. In his prior term as president, Colombia was known simply as Colombia.

Manuel Murillo Toro, Presidente of Colombia

5 thoughts on “Manuel Murillo Toro, President of Colombia- Mathew Brady Studio, New York”

    1. Yes, I can scan it for you. What resolution do you need? I would appreciate it if you credit this blog and Mathew Brady, the original photographer, wherever you use it and send me a link if it is online.

      1. Great, thanks so much. I downloaded the photo from Wikipedia but it is only 400 some pixels, if you can scan it at 600 dpi (so I can resize to 300 dpi to smooth it out) would be greatly appreciated. I’ll give the proper credit to Mathew Brady and the blog for sure.

  1. Hi Scott, just a reminder of the photo. Is it possible I can buy it from you in high resolution at 300 dpi?

  2. Hello,
    We are creating a multimedia guide for a museum in Paris.
    For that project, we would like to do a reproduction request of that image. Could you contact me ? Best regards

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