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Unexpected visitors

Edit >  Ok – this is an update of this post – the earlier one was only the last 30 days statistic. This is all-time hits. Quite a few more total visitors and quite a few more countries. </Edit

I had a friend of mine who works for the UN, stationed in the Sudan visit my blog today, so I thought I’d go take a look at the site stats and see where my visitors are coming from. Some of the numbers are not surprising at all, and others are quite surprising.

Countries I expected volume from are pretty obvious, but Saudi? Iraq? Nigeria? Trinidad? Wow! And that I had more visits from Sudan than from New Zealand? (Well, I know why I had more visits from Sudan, but still…) Now if I could only get a fraction of these folks to COMMENT! 😀

Country Views
United States Flag    United States 485
Australia Flag    Australia 74
United Kingdom Flag    United Kingdom 44
France Flag    France 35
Canada Flag    Canada 24
Mexico Flag    Mexico 21
Sweden Flag    Sweden 17
Colombia Flag    Colombia 17
Sudan Flag    Sudan 16
Germany Flag    Germany 16
Italy Flag    Italy 13
Spain Flag    Spain 12
Brazil Flag    Brazil 11
India Flag    India 8
New Zealand Flag    New Zealand 7
Indonesia Flag    Indonesia 7
Japan Flag    Japan 6
Iceland Flag    Iceland 6
Poland Flag    Poland 5
Saudi Arabia Flag    Saudi Arabia 5
Czech Republic Flag    Czech Republic 4
Ireland Flag    Ireland 3
Philippines Flag    Philippines 3
Belgium Flag    Belgium 3
Belarus Flag    Belarus 2
Netherlands Flag    Netherlands 2
Denmark Flag    Denmark 2
Romania Flag    Romania 2
Slovenia Flag    Slovenia 2
Ecuador Flag    Ecuador 2
Bulgaria Flag    Bulgaria 2
Switzerland Flag    Switzerland 1
Moldova, Republic of Flag    Moldova 1
Argentina Flag    Argentina 1
Portugal Flag    Portugal 1
Turkey Flag    Turkey 1
Iraq Flag    Iraq 1
Trinidad and Tobago Flag   Trinidad & Tobago     1
Serbia Flag    Serbia 1
Thailand Flag    Thailand 1
Singapore Flag    Singapore 1
Nigeria Flag    Nigeria 1
Korea, Republic of Flag    Republic of Korea 1
Ukraine Flag    Ukraine 1
Peru Flag    Peru 1

Manuel Murillo Toro, President of Colombia- Mathew Brady Studio, New York

Another recent acquisition. Manuel Murillo Toro, the President of Colombia from 1864-1866 and again from 1872-1874. Taken in the Mathew Brady New York studio. Probably the best-preserved Brady image I have. This image is most probably from the 1872-4 term, as he is labeled President of the United States of Colombia on the back. In his prior term as president, Colombia was known simply as Colombia.

Manuel Murillo Toro, Presidente of Colombia