New Fixer, and Other Darkroom Topics

A long time ago, back when I was still printing enlarged silver gelatin prints from small negatives, I bought this multi-gallon cube of Kodak Rapid Fixer. I noticed recently that it seemed to have shiny particles in it that I couldn’t filter out, and that used fixer that should have had plenty of life left in it was silvering out on the insides of the working strength bottles I use when processing. This, combined with the sulphur smell it always had, pushed me to try a new fixer. I ordered a couple bottles of TF4 from Photographers Formulary. This stuff is a revelation – minimal odor, faster acting than Rapid Fixer, and they say on the bottle how many square inches of film one liter of fixer is good for.

And here’s a snapshot of my darkroom in action, for the curious:

That’s the wet side, with my Jobo CPP2 processor, with the last of the b/w negatives from the San Francisco sojourn in the drum. Tomorrow starts the printing.

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