Making progress (isn’t this my most common post title?)

Well, I have half of the black-and-white shots from the San Francisco Sojourn developed already, and I also got my UV printing unit re-configured while I was souping film.  I discovered the last time I tried to print a 14×17 negative that I didn’t have quite enough coverage and one edge was getting a little under-exposed. I had gone to Home Depot to find another blacklight lamp like the ones I’m using but they don’t stock them in the same size anymore. Fortunately I did have a regular fluorescent lamp in the same size that I can always get a blacklight bulb for, so I got down on the floor on my back and added it to the array (the home-brew UV exposure unit I use is a series of fluorescent fixtures screwed to the bottom of a shelf in an IKEA Ivar shelving unit). Now I just need to find a surge strip that takes 8 outlets instead of the 6 I currently have, and I’ll be good to go again. I also realized that after cleaning out the darkroom the other weekend, I have more storage space for my contact printing frames, so now they’re not sitting out on the floor or leaning up against something when not in use.

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