Upcoming Exhibition and Class

I’ve got two news items to announce. I’ll be in an invitational show at Glen Echo Photoworks from April 12-May 7, and I’m teaching my Introduction to Platinum/Palladium Printing class May 5-6 also at Glen Echo Photoworks.

Please come to the opening reception for the show, April 22 – I’ll be speaking briefly about my work. I’ll be showing some selections of my work from Argentina.

April 13-May 7
Alternative Visions – An Alternative Process Photography Exhibition
Scott Barnes, Andrew Currie, Scott Davis, Sheila Galagan, Barbara Maloney, Janet Matthews, Richard Pippin, George Smyth, Grace Taylor
Opening reception and Gallery Talk 6-6:30pm. Sunday April 22 5-7:30

If you are interested in registering for the Intro to Platinum/Palladium, you can find the link on the Photoworks website

The class is a hands-on two day course on the basics of platinum/palladium printing. Topics covered include history, technical basics (chemistry, equipment, paper), major process controls (negatives, exposure, processing), and fine controls (contrast, process variations). This is a film and wet darkroom focused course – I will be providing a 5×7 camera and film, and we will shoot film negatives and make prints from the same. Digital negative making will NOT be covered due to the number of potential variables involved in working from student supplied images.

Please note: As of the date of this announcement, there are only two spaces remaining in the class – don’t hesitate if you are interested. If this class sells out, I will discuss running it again in the fall with the Photoworks staff.

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