Another Alexander Gardner image

Here’s another CDV from the Alexander Gardner studio. It’s a card-size copy of an architectural rendering of St. Paul’s Church here in Washington DC. The Architect is Emlen T. Littell, 111 Broadway, New York. I’ve done a little digging and can’t find a current St. Paul’s church that looks like this – there are a number of St. Paul’s churches in the DC area, but the ones I could find in the most probable parts of town for the time period don’t look anything like this, nor do they mention the architect – and several of them do mention the architect who designed their building.

Emlen Littell was a prominent ecclesiastical architect in the 2nd half of the 19th century, working mostly in New York and Philadelphia. He became president of the American Institute of Architects. One of his most famous designs is the Church of the Incarnation in New York City, which had many famous parishioners including Admiral David Farragut and Eleanor Roosevelt. FDR’s mother’s funeral was held there as well. It has windows designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany among other well-known Victorian artists.

Architectural rendering, St. Paul's Church, Washington DC by Alexander Gardner
Architectural rendering, St. Paul’s Church, Washington DC by Alexander Gardner

2 thoughts on “Another Alexander Gardner image”

  1. I have a 19thC family photo taken by Alexander Gardner at his studio,which has his logo,etc. on reverse (his studio card). Can you tell me if it a collectors item,does it have value?
    Thank you, Frank

    1. Frank – it does have value. How much would depend on if the subject is identified, the condition of the image, and the overall content. Value could range from $15-20 on up to hundreds depending.

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