Headshot for Bo, Revisited

This is what happens when you shoot two days in a row, then go work at the office for a full day, then come home and edit photos until 11pm. Your judgment gets a bit off. I posted the original version of this headshot with the studio background intact (well, minus a broom handle I cloned out). Looking at it again in the clarity of new morning light, I realized that the background stuff, while cool, was a serious distraction from the goal of the photo – getting you to focus on the model’s face. So I got rid of the background altogether in a remake – What do you think? Much better, no?



One thought on “Headshot for Bo, Revisited”

  1. I didn’t find the background in the first to be very distracting, though I must admit that the second one forces you to focus even more on the model’s face.

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