Commuter Diary – part 4

Look at these which are very similar to some I’ve done in black and white and note how different they feel for one being in color the other monochrome.

Pulling In, GWU
Pulling In, GWU
Metro Train Arriving, Archives Station
Metro Train Arriving, Archives Station

Don’t you relate to them differently?

Another example of the emotional effect of color- outside the train is dark, cold, and muted color, whereas inside is warm, glowing, alive and inviting. Wouldn’t you rather be inside the train than outside?

Boarding, Foggy Bottom
Boarding, Foggy Bottom

2 thoughts on “Commuter Diary – part 4”

  1. Nice work. I actually like the color versions better. I know that a lot of folks prefer the austere beauty of black and white – but I prefer the extra information that color gives (though I succumb to the temptation of sliding that saturation control down a lot too).

    They are very strict about not allowing photography in our underground transit stations here – security reasons, I suppose. Nice that you were able to get these.

  2. Most places, the “security” excuse to not allow photos on public transit is just that – an excuse, for the security folks to exercise their authority and feel important. But here in DC, in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and Paris (the places I’ve photographed public transit), there’s never been a problem and it is perfectly legal.

    I’m not sliding the saturation control anywhere, really – this is how my film comes out of my camera. I don’t mind strong color if it’s there, and a nice, saturated film like Ektar 100 is a favorite of mine. But psychedelic color has a very limited use, in my book. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you like the work!

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