World Health Organization, Thirds

Architectural Abstractions – The World Health Organization Building

Two different takes on the WHO building downtown DC. This time shot in bright, strong, contrasty sunlight. Due to the geometry of the building I was aiming for geometric abstractions, composing so the context of the structure was absent and what is visible has to be taken non-literally.

World Health Organization, Cylinder
World Health Organization, Cylinder

Pointing the camera vertically to create these images really pushes the perception into unreality – you’re dealing with three texture sets, not anything particularly identifiable. Mid-century architecture like this is a rare commodity in DC – most buildings are either glass-and-steel cubes, neoclassical faux-palaces, or Art Deco boxes of varying degrees of interest and value, so this really stands out.

World Health Organization, Thirds
World Health Organization, Thirds

2 thoughts on “Architectural Abstractions – The World Health Organization Building”

  1. I love the way you have created these spectacular abstract images. I am particularly drawn to the triangular forms of the last shot and its varying textures.

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