Lion-head Bollard, Pennsylvania Avenue

I shot this as another test of the Tele-Rolleiflex, to see what it could do as far as separating the background and foreground. This cast-iron bollard with the dual lions’ heads is on the sidewalk outside ProPhoto, one of the last remaining real camera stores in DC now that Penn Camera/Calumet is gone.

Lion-Head Bollard
Lion-Head Bollard

ProPhoto is tiny. They relocated from their old store location on I Street to new digs on Pennsylvania Avenue, and cut their space by 2/3rds. But the important thing is that they’re still in business, and now at least the photo paper stock they do carry is all in-date. The most critical thing for me is that they have a repair service on-site, and their repair tech is qualified to work on Rolleiflexes.

2 thoughts on “Lion-head Bollard, Pennsylvania Avenue”

    1. I know that 🙂 I was testing how the camera renders out-of-focus areas when you have separation, and does it give enough difference from the standard Rolleiflex to show the telephoto spatial compression effect. This lens is definitely narrower in field-of-view, but the overall effect is subtle.

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