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Lion-head Bollard, Pennsylvania Avenue

I shot this as another test of the Tele-Rolleiflex, to see what it could do as far as separating the background and foreground. This cast-iron bollard with the dual lions’ heads is on the sidewalk outside ProPhoto, one of the last remaining real camera stores in DC now that Penn Camera/Calumet is gone.

Lion-Head Bollard
Lion-Head Bollard

ProPhoto is tiny. They relocated from their old store location on I Street to new digs on Pennsylvania Avenue, and cut their space by 2/3rds. But the important thing is that they’re still in business, and now at least the photo paper stock they do carry is all in-date. The most critical thing for me is that they have a repair service on-site, and their repair tech is qualified to work on Rolleiflexes.

Rolleiflex back from repair!


Here’s my Rollei – back from the shop. I had the shutter mechanism overhauled and the whole camera cleaned, lubed and adjusted. The front panel was aligned as well, so now it will focus accurately at close range and wide open. Can’t wait to shoot with it!