Planter Box Waterer

I saw this hose connector for watering the planter box down the street from my office and the blue handle contrasted perfectly with the new green grass around it. The light filtering through the tree leaves above the planter box made dappled patterns in the grass and softened up the scene so that the contrast was created through color as much as it was through brightness and darkness. The shallow depth-of-field really makes the blue of the handle pop out even more against the sea of green.

Hose Connector
Hose Connector

It was also the perfect opportunity to test out the macro capability of my Tele-Rollei with the Rolleinar 1 close-up set.A friend of mine had advised me that the Rolleinars made for the standard Rollei work just fine with the Tele-Rolleiflex. There were a separate set of Rolleinars originally designed for the Tele, and they look somewhat different. I was concerned that the parallax-correcting prism for the viewing lens in the Rolleinar set for the standard would over-correct and the composition would be off, but it doesn’t, as can be seen here. The pump handle is in exactly the spot I composed for.

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