Confessionals, St. Peters

Confessionals, St. Peter’s Basilica

While exploring St. Peter’s basilica, I saw this amazing light falling on the confessional booths, which were in themselves magnificent pieces of furniture. Something about them feels a little ominous, though, don’t you think? Or perhaps a touch funerary.

Confessionals, St. Peters
Confessionals, St. Peters

Even though I’m not myself Catholic, I don’t know that I’d want to give confession in that confessional booth- it would feel a little bit too direct.

One thought on “Confessionals, St. Peter’s Basilica”

  1. I have been there before- it seems so intimate. The structure of the place is so gorgeous, it seems to be a crime to confess “sins” in a threshold of such beauty. I agree with you. I have a travel blog and if you are interested, you should check me out and maybe give me a follow? I love this post. Awesome stuff!

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