GMC by Marek Matusz

Rendering The Spirit: Interview with Marek Matusz

Could you tell me your name?

Marek Matusz

Where are you from?

Residing and working in Houston, TX

How did you get into photography as an art medium (as opposed to casual or professional use)?

That went hand-in -in hand with the discovery of alternate processes

Which alternative processes do you practice?

Just about anything: platinum/palladium, silver/iron processes, chrysotype (gold), gum bichromate

What attracted you to alternative processes in general?

I was attracted to the chemistry at first and then the aspect of creating one of a kind hand made images

What drew you to the specific media you practice?

Platinum and palladium prints were are of the technically most accomplished and able to produce most delicate highlights and deep shadows. Seeing great examples of early XX century work in museums and galleries made mu pursue the process . I have started over 25 years ago and the information back then was scant and confusing

How does the choice of media influence your choice of subject matter (or vice versa)?

When taking and composing a picture I try to visualize which alternative process would fit, whether I wand process edges showing, etc.

In today’s mobile, electronic world of instant communication and virtual sharing of images, how important is it to you to create hand-made images?

Two aspects are important. Education of consumer in the existence and quality of hand made images and history of photography through a practice of XIX century processes. The second is keeping and enlarging patron/collector market. Real collector wants something to be touched and held in hand, not a shared digital image.

Is your choice to practice alternative, hand-made photography a reaction to, a complement to, or not influenced by the world of digital media?

It would be totally silly to ignore the digital world. It exists regardless of our feelings about it (good, bad??). SO with that respect it is just a complement. But it is also a strong protests against huge color enhanced digital prints that have invaded galleries.

Do you incorporate digital media into your alternative process work?

Yes, I use the technology as a toll. Some of my captures are digital, most of my negatives are created with digital processes. I am also not against digital alterations of the photograph in the process of creating a picture

What role do you see for hand-made/alternative process work in the art world of today? Where do you see yourself in that world?

I see myself as a part of alternative photography movement. A small (by digital standards) but growing group of practitioners and educators that shares information, practices and the word of photography at its roots

GMC by Marek Matusz
GMC by Marek Matusz

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