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Badass Scooter

I had stopped in this wine and beer shop on my way home from work yesterday to pick up a six-pack of Mahou, a Spanish beer I have been dying to find since I had one on a very hot afternoon in Salamanca years ago, and as usual, I had the Rolleiflex around my neck. The owner’s eyes lit up when he saw it and we had a long chat about photography in between his customers. I mentioned that I do all my own darkroom work, both black-and-white and color. He remarked that he never did get into color, but was very much in love with black-and-white. This brought to mind the old Edward Weston quote, “there are things you can say in color that you can’t say in black-and-white”. Very true- the two media have different emotional resonance frequencies. This photo is a great example of the difference.

Badass Scooter
Badass Scooter

It’s a cute scooter that when photographed in color, is white with a medium-blue splash on the rear fender, and reads as cheerful and fun. In black-and-white, it has a much more serious edge to it, and it reads almost macho, for a scooter. Like a member of the Sons of Anarchy wouldn’t feel compelled to commit suicide if forced to ride it. Thus the semi-ironic caption – “badass scooter”. No scooter ever really is menacing, but in black-and-white, this one is respectable at least. I’m sure some of my motorcycle enthusiast friends will disagree with me on this and tell me in no uncertain terms that it is impossible for a scooter to be butch.

This was also a lens test of sorts for my new-to-me 1959 Tele-Rolleiflex. I wanted to see not only how smooth the out-of-focus areas are with it, but how much telephoto perspective compression it gives – the “3-D effect”, in other words. I’d say it pops more than the standard, but it’s still subtle as the lens is not even twice the focal length of the Standard lens (135mm vs 80mm for the standard).

Playing with Panoramics – Diptychs

Ok- here are some twosies I did, still with the Rollei and the panorama adapter.

The first one is a shot of a street corner with the skeletal remains of a police call box from the first decade or so of the 20th century. The building behind it is now a charter school. I’ve often thought of how to photograph the wall around the playground fence behind the school. This is the first shot I’ve done that really does it justice.

Police Call Box
Police Call Box

I came upon this mailbox leaning at its crazy angle and decided it would make a good subject for a diptych that emphasized and even exaggerated the tilt of the mailbox. What is it with me and mailboxes?

Mailbox Diptych
Mailbox Diptych

Both of these scenes are in my neighborhood – I walk past them regularly on my way to run errands or get some dinner. I’m really starting to appreciate the advice of Edward Weston, “There’s no good photos to be made more than 50 feet from the car”, although I’m expanding the perimeter and rephrasing it a little: “There are plenty of good photos to be had within a mile of your house”.

Photography Books – a partial listing

I know folks have asked me about this before, so I thought I’d compile the list of photography books I’ve collected. This is a comprehensive but not complete listing of the photographic monographs and/or compilations in my library. I know I’m missing the vintage Ansel Adams guide to Yosemite that he produced for the Sierra Club back in the 1950s or 60s from this list, but I can’t lay my hands on it at the moment, so it’s missing.  Any exhibition catalogs listed here are listed here because they are catalogs from exhibits I did not see in person, and there are probably a half-dozen others just floating around the house and/or the library.

Title Artist/Author Publisher Publication Date Notes
4 A M Adu Formosa Books 2000
Olympic Portraits Annie Liebowitz Bullfinch 1996
(Don’t) Call Me Shirley Brett M. Cochrane Knopf Australia 1995
Burma: Something Went Wrong Chan Chao Nazareli Press 2000
The Great Wall of China Chen Changfen Yale University Press 2007
Beauty of Darkness Connie Imboden Custom & Limited Editions 1999 1st Edition
The Raw Seduction of Flesh Connie Imboden Silver Arts 1999 softcover, Signed
Piercing Illusions Connie Imboden Foto Book Press 2001 softcover, Signed
Beijing Spring David and Peter Turnley Stewart, Tabori and Chang 1989
All My Lies Are True David Carol Kabloona Press 2009 Signed, personalized to me
Edward Curtis – The Master Prints Edward Curtis Arena Editions 2001 Hardcover
Edward Steichen – The Early Years Edward Steichen Princeton University Press 1999
Edward Weston: The Form of the Nude Edward Weston Phaidon Press 2005
Margarethe Mather and Edward Weston: A Passionate Collaboration Edward Weston, Margarethe Mather W.W. Norton 2001
Suffering The Ideal F. Holland Day Twin Palms 1995 Hardcover, 1st Edition, Limited Edition
F. Holland Day F. Holland Day Van Gogh Museum 2001 Exhibition Catalog
Faces of the Eastern Shore Frank Van Riper Qesada House 1992 Softcover, signed, personalized to me
The Photographs of Frederick H. Evans Frederick Evans Getty 2010 Exhibition Catalog
Foro Italico George Mott Powerhouse Books 2003 1st Edition, slipcovered
Inside Life Greg Gorman Rizzoli 1997 1st Edition, Signed, Slipcovered with signed print
As I See It Greg Gorman Powerhouse Books 2000 1st Edition, signed
Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa Hans Silvester Thames & Hudson 2008
Kazu Herb Ritts Parco 1995 1st Edition
Tuscany: Inside the Light Joel Meyerowitz Main Street 2003
Manzanar: Photographs by Ansel Adams John Armor, Peter Wright Times Books 1988
Lengthening Shadows Before Nightfall John Dugdale Twin Palms 1995 Signed, personalized to me, dated 2006
Life’s Evening Hour John Dugdale August Press 2000 Hardcover, Limited Edition
Picturing Men – A Century of Male Relationships in Everyday American Photography John Ibson Smithsonian 2002
The Luminous Years Karl Bissinger Abrams 2003
Passage to Angkor Kenro Izu Friends Without Borders 2005 1st Edition, signed
Homo Sum Konrad Helbig 6×6.com 2010 Not dated – guessing at publication date
Skin Laurent Elie Badessi Edition Stemmle 2000
Red Color News Soldier Li Zhensheng Phaidon Press 2003
Panoramas of the Far East Lois Conner Smithsonian 1993
Photography’s Antiquarian Avant-Garde: The New Wave in Old Processes Lyle Rexer Abrams 2002
American Photographs: The First Century Merry A. Foresta Smithsonian 1996
At First Sight: Photography and the Smithsonian Merry A. Foresta, Jenna K. Foley Smithsonian 2003
The Pre-Raphaelite Camera Michael Bartram Little, Brown & Company 1985
Eye Mind Spirit – the Enduring Legacy of Minor White Minor White Howard Greenberg Gallery 2008
Face to Face: The Art of Portrait Photography Paul Ardenne Flammarion 2004
Collaboration: The Photographs of Paul Cadmus Paul Cadmus Twelvetrees Press 1992 1st Edition, Limited Edition
Physique: Classic Photographs of Naked Athletes Peter Kuhnst Thames & Hudson 2004
Man to Man: A History of Gay Photography Pierre Borhan Vendome Press 2007
The Hyena & Other Men Pieter Hugo Prestel 2007
Shooting Soldiers – Civil War Medical Photographs by R.B. Bontecou R.B. Bontecou Burns Archive Press 2011
Torero Reuven Afanador Edition Stemmle 2001 1st Edition
Sombra Reuven Afanador Merrell 2004 1st Edition
Mil Besos Reuven Afanador Rizzoli 2009 1st Edition
Cuba in the 1850s Through the Lens of Charles DeForest Fredricks Robert M. Levine University of South Florida Press 1990
Robert Mapplethorpe and the Classical Tradition Robert Mapplethorpe Guggenheim Museum 2004 Exhibition Catalog
Hymn to the Earth Ron Rosenstock Silver Strand Press 2003 Signed, Numbered Edition # 597
Maryland’s Civil War Photographs: The Sesquicentennial Collection Ross Kelbaugh Maryland Historical Society 2012 Signed, Numbered Edition # 130, personalized to me
America and the Tintype Steven Kasher ICP/Steidl 2008
Spirit Capture: Photographs from the National Museum of The American Indian Tim Johnson Smithsonian 1998
In Defense of Beauty Tom Bianchi Crown Publishers 1995
Tseng Kwong-Chi Tseng Kwong-Chi Paul Kasmin Gallery 2008
Taormina Wilhelm Von Gloeden Twelvetrees Press 1986