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High Heel Race, Dupont Circle, 2014 – Part 3

Now that I’m in to the thick of posting the HHR photos, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves for the most part, and just indulge in a little occasional snark about the subjects as the spirit moves me. Ergo:

Doesn’t the guy on the right look kind of like a young Val Kilmer in drag? Back when Val Kilmer didn’t look like a liver sausage.


I think you could caption this one, “rescue me”!


I think someone was interpreting the giant christmas tree/butt-plug on display in Paris.







American Horror Story: Freak Show hits the streets.



To indulge in a little more technical info about the photography itself, I’m using a Gary Fong flash modifier which looks a lot like a frosted tupperware container whose lid is suffering from mid-life belly sag. Regardless of the appearance, it’s truly the best flash diffuser I’ve tried. It does a fantastic job of softening cast shadows from the flash and spreading the light more evenly, which is a huge plus when shooting in an environment like the HHR – outdoors, at night, under street lamps.

Lighting toy – Gary Fong ‘universal’ Cloud diffuser for speedlights

Ok- I was a definite skeptic about this – after all, I’ve seen the examples and read the reviews but $50, for a piece of frosted tupperware? Proof is in the pudding, as they say. And with a particularly challenging subject – a white cat against a beige wall.

Frosty, Gary Fong "cloud"
Frosty, Gary Fong “cloud”

I’ll post some more examples that are better illustrations on more recognizable subjects (human portraits) in the near future. I’d say it’s worth it, but with one caveat – it fits just fine on virtually any shoe-mount speedlight type flash for most camera systems, film or digital. It does NOT fit on my big Metz 45-CL4 handle mount (potato-masher) flash. For that, I’ve improvised a piece of I want to say Rubbermaid or perhaps Ziploc re-useable food storage container with a hole cut through the lid and the interior buffed with sandpaper. Cost including the sandpaper? about $1. I’ll do a showdown between the two on the same subjects with the same lens and camera shortly to prove the value of the Gary Fong.