Paris in October – part 7 – Automobiles

As previously mentioned, I didn’t have much need for automotive transportation in France. But I did get to see some very cool cars at both extremes of the spectrum.

A Ferrari:


With its yellow brake calipers:


A Mercedes convertible in matte finish paint:


And at the opposite end of the form-vs-function/performance-vs-economy spectrum, there were the Lib’aire electric car sharing cars:


And this funky Renault tandem in-line two seater that could park on the sidewalk it was so narrow.


One thought on “Paris in October – part 7 – Automobiles”

  1. THis car is simply astonishing, i wrote my first article about it. It is my only exotic car that I love, simply the ideal for all conditions!

    Hello I love your blog, and would appreciate some feedback on mine. Im a new blogger and need feedback on how to promote my Blog. Thank you 🙂

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